Tips to Save Money on The Biggest Shopping Occasion of The Year

Black Friday started as a shopping festival for Americans, but over time, this huge discount program is increasingly being applied in many countries around the world. Therefore, not only Americans but anyone who intends to “hunt” for bargains during the biggest sale of this year should refer to the helpful shopping tips listed below.

Know the information about Black Friday

Similar to other jobs, to have a successful Black Friday shopping session, you have to take the time to learn about it. Black Friday takes place on the day immediately after Thanksgiving every year. The purpose of this huge promotion is to encourage people to actively shop in preparation for Christmas in December.

Although Black Friday is becoming more and more popular around the world, the way it is organized varies from place to place, even within the United States. Some places start their sale a week before the official Black Friday while others open their sale right up to Thanksgiving. Some stores allow online shopping while others require customers to be physically present. The start time of the program is also extremely diverse, lasting from midnight to early morning. It’s best to start researching Black Friday in your area the week before Thanksgiving so you can plan accordingly.

Make a list of what you need to buy

Whether you shop in person or buy online, there are hundreds of diverse products everywhere to attract you to spend money to buy, even though the item is not in your need.

Therefore, you should check in advance what you are missing and make a list of things to buy. Make a list in order of your priorities and determine a specific amount for each purchase. This way, you will save not only money but also time, limiting the possibility of being distracted by other items.

Find out more about the promotion

You should not let attractive promotions blind you without carefully reading the purchase rules. Shopping stores always have a way of tricking you so that you can happily spend money on an item that seems to have a huge discount but is not worth much compared to the regular price.

You should also find out if stores have a 7-day pick-up policy. If so, then you should use this policy to avoid having to carry bulky items in the middle of the crowd jostling during Black Friday. Be extra careful, ask about the return policy in case you get bored with the item you just bought on Black Friday and want to return it a few days later.

Smart sales hunting 

Discounts and promotions often take place all year round to stimulate demand and promote shopping. In particular, Black Friday is the day that is considered the biggest discount of the year, there will be many discount codes and coupons offered. However, if you “hunt for sale with a plan”, you will both satisfy your shopping preferences and save money. The monthly retail sales often focus on household goods, food, or products that are not too expensive, with the discount not too high. You can buy basic items and necessities during these sales. Deep discounts usually take place at the end of the year or change seasons. You can plan to buy clothes for the whole year on Black Friday, shop for your favorite electronics on Cyber Monday, shop for cosmetics on Valentine’s Day, or watch the Final Clearances of your favorite brands.

Set a budget and stick to it

Designing a spending table sounds simple enough. But in reality, sellers always use attractive products to entice buyers to spend more money on other items. At that time, it is easy for consumers to lose control and get caught up in the attraction of shopping.

Shoppers should decide in advance how much they’ll spend on Black Friday and be consistent in avoiding unnecessary purchases, especially when they’re not sure if the price is right.

Besides, buyers should also consider using cash to shop instead of using a charge card so as not to be “overstretched” for this day.

Read store policy before buying

Customers should carefully study the price policy as well as the return policy before choosing to buy at any store. Consumer Reports expects more retailers to compare prices online and in-store during Black Friday this year.

Almost every major retailer globally has a price matching policy and is expanding it even further. However, certain items on this occasion will not be subject to price matching.

In addition, consumers should also check the return policies to ensure that they will not be charged extra fees if they exchange or return the item to the store.

Compare prices in different stores

Before buying any item, you should also compare prices, models, and quality between shops on different e-commerce sites to be able to find the best product. Especially for household goods, electronics, furniture, etc., prices will be challenged in different stores.

You can search for prices on Google Shopping or price comparison websites, which can help you get more shopping opportunities at a better price. From there, you can save more costs in purchasing.

Purchase from the same supplier

Shipping costs are one of the main causes of the increase in the cost of your order. Depending on the distance between the buyer and the seller, this cost can be as high as the value of the item you need to buy.

To save shipping costs, you should divide the products you need to buy into separate groups, such as food groups, furniture groups, household items, etc., and choose to buy each group separately in the same store. goods to enjoy the discount. 


Here are tips to help you save money during the biggest shopping spree of Black Friday. Hope the article will bring you useful information. I wish you a happy shopping.

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