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In the last post, we talked about what chemical earthing was and its various features and components. Now that we know what chemical earthing is, let’s look at why it is supremely important to make the right choice while investing in any kind of earthing system.

The quote above perfectly summarises our thoughts when it comes to stocks and shares investment. But do you know that it applies to investing in protective earthing systems as well? Let’s look at chemical earthing from an investment perspective.

The 80/20 rule:

We all know the Pareto Principle when it comes to making the right investment. “20% effort yields 80% returns”. Atharva Infrastructures’ Chemical Earthing installation process is intelligent, simple, and time saving. Once the installation is completed, there is minimal need for extra effort in the post installation maintenance. The 20% effort includes a timely investment and intelligent installation and the 80% return on investment is the long term assurance of protection from electrical hazards.

The Compounding Magic:

It is always said that while investing in the market, you should leave the invested money untouched for a certain period of time which would lead to you earning more at the end of the investment period due to compound interest. Well, Atharva Infrastructures’ chemical earthing is no different. SoilTreat, our backfill compound, has a long shelf life. Consequently, it does not need to be replaced or bought frequently which would save two of our most important assets, time and money. Another component of Atharva Infrastructures’ chemical earthing which helps save these assets is Actrod, the chemical earthing rods/ electrodes. These electrodes are corrosion resistant and hence, do not need to be replaced frequently. The compound interest in Atharva Infrastructures’ chemical earthing is the enhanced safety and time and money saving returns.

Investing for the Future:

The future lies in investing in responsible products for the future. Atharva Infrastructures always ensures that its products are coherent with the right environmental standards required to protect the most important asset of all, nature.

Our backfill compound, SoilTreat is ROHS certified. It does not contain any harmful salts and does not pollute the soil around the pit of the system. The chemical earthing system has an overall low carbon footprint. It is a sustainable solution to protecting structures from electrical surges and lightning. Another huge advantage of chemical earthing for the environment is that it requires very little maintenance which in turn saves gallons of water which is usually required for the upkeep of the chemical earthing system.

Careful investments in protection and safety from lightning and electrical surges can have a huge impact.[Read More]

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