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The phrase “A stitch in time saves nine” serves the dual purpose. The first one is that prevention of any harmful thing is better than curing it whereas the second one is that it is not advisable to procrastinate when it comes to crucial safety measures. Are you wondering how this is related to Chemical Earthing?

All of us are no strangers to the process and the purpose of Chemical Earthing. However, do you know why it is so important to install it at the right time? Let’s see how disasters can be avoided with a simple timely investment into a good chemical earthing system.

The human body has a potential difference between the inside cells, called “resting cells” who are negatively charged, and the outside environment which is generally positively charged. Due to this potential difference, we are naturally more susceptible to shocks from electrical appliances as common as microwaves, ovens, heaters, refrigerators, etc. Insulated wires also fail to absorb currents in some cases. Such electric shocks can cause muscle contractions. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to ground all electrical appliances so that extra surge in the current will directly pass to the earth with the chemical earthing system. Yes, it is necessary to install chemical earthing systems for your homes as well as soon as the construction and the electrical wiring is completed.

As important as it is to install chemical earthing systems beforehand in residential complexes, it is important to do so in industrial complexes too. There are many reasons for a good chemical earthing system to be installed in industries and factories. However, let’s focus on two of the most important reasons.

Worker Safety:

The factory and industry workers continuously risk their lives by working near high voltage equipment, which requires a huge amount of electricity. Therefore, it is more susceptible to electrical surges. The safety gears provided to the workers are not foolproof. It is the industry’s responsibility to protect the workers. In applications where such a huge amount of electricity is required, just lightning arrestors would not serve the purpose of safety and protection. It is necessary to have a good and efficient chemical earthing system to not only protect the workers from electrical surges due to lightning but also to due to electrical problems like short circuits, live wires, failed fuses, etc.

Equipment Safety:

More often than not, the equipment in the industries cost crores of rupees and are difficult to repair once they get damaged. These equipment are made of metal, which is generally a good conductor and might conduct the electrical surge caused due to lightning, power failures, or neglect of electrical wiring. It is necessary to take care of these equipment. A chemical earthing system will provide utmost protection to these equipment as the extra electrical surge would get absorbed by the best conductor in the earth, the soil. [Read More]

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