Can You Put Epoxy On Wood Floors

If you are wondering to put epoxy on the wood floor then the direct answer is yes, you can coat epoxy paint on the wood floor. Moreover, you will epoxy products that are specially designed for wood floors. The process to install epoxy on wood floors is completely different than that on concrete floors. Numbers of people do not apply epoxy on their wood floors which are bad practice because there are lots of disadvantages to having bare wood floors.

Installing epoxy over wood floors.

If you are guided by epoxy coating specialists then installing epoxy is quite fun. Now without delay let’s get straight to the point. You need to follow these steps mentioned below:

Surface Preparation

Cleaning the wood floor is the first step of installation. Furthermore, you need to sand the floor after cleaning the floor. There will be problems like appearing cracks and bubbles while coating epoxy if you don’t sand the floor. Once you complete the sanding process, clean the floor using a vacuum as there will be dust caused by the sanding process.

Sealant and Primer

After the sanding and cleaning process is complete you need to apply wood sealant and primer. A wood sealant protects your wood floor from moisture and molds and primer helps in adhesion. Just be patient in this process because they need to be dry properly.

Resin and hardener

It is the third process in installing epoxy wood floors. You need to mix the resin and hardener at the proper ratio. You can also consult with a professional about the ratio if you need.

Coating process

Coating resin and hardener is the last process. After mixing resin and hardener you need to apply it quickly to the wood floor because resin quickly gets hard. However, you should not rush. Apply it from one corner to another uniformly. And remember that you should not step on the floor which has just been coated. Let it dry for at least 24 hours.

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