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Buying Lab Incubators Online? Consider These Facts First

If you’re considering buying a lab incubator online, you need to do some research to get the best deal in the market. Different features and qualities of a lab incubator define a good match for your lab.

From temperature control units to different types of incubators, there are many points you need to consider firsthand. The size of the incubator for your lab depends on the capacity and scale of your laboratory. Here are a few things you can consider to help you in your venture to find the best lab incubator:

  • Consider The Size of Your Lab 

The size of your lab will determine the features you need to look for when planning for a lab incubator. There are different sizes to select from, with some ranging from 15 liters capacity to 100 liters capacity. In terms of price, as the size increases, so does the cost. It also dictates how much space you need for it. Before buying a lab incubator, ensure it has enough power to match your requirements.

  • Is it a Bench Model or a Floor Model?

Both bench and floor model Lab Incubators For Sale have advantages and disadvantages. A bench-model incubator can be easily accessed by researchers and easily handled during operation and cleaning. However, it takes up much less space than the floor-model incubator. It is compact, space-saving, and can easily move around as you wish.

  • Consider the Temperature Control Units 

You can choose either a forced air system or a water bath system. Water bath incubators usually have an immersion heater unit and are easy to maintain due to the automated thermostats. Although they need regular maintenance, it is still a good choice for a budget lab.

  • Size of the Incubator

Regardless of the size of your lab, an incubator that is too large can also be a burden to operate. For example, if you got a 300-liter incubator but have a laboratory with only a 50-liter capacity, not all space inside your incubator will be efficiently used. Consider what you need for your lab and how much space you have available.

  • Consider Advance Features

Also known as “bells and whistles,” the advanced feature that may catch your attention initially may not be vital in your need for an incubator in your lab. It may be a smart chip for temperature control, humidity and moisture control, or other advanced features. Before you go ahead with your buying process, look into the features and determine if you need them in your lab.

Make sure the lab incubator offers enough coverage for your needs before buying one. In addition, there are many other factors you need to consider when purchasing a lab incubator, such as budget and length of life expectancy of the appliance, to get the best value for your money.

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