Recap former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar’s, best UFC fights:

At this moment, it’s probably safe to state that Brock Lesnar is the greatest athlete the world has ever seen.

It doesn’t take much to see Lesnar’s abilities when you look at him. When renowned pro wrestling announcer Jim Ross and WWE recruiter Jerry Brisco first saw him, that is exactly how things were. They not only saw a fantastic athlete, but also a future star.

Ross recalled seeing Brock during his junior year of college during the NCAA tournament: “Jerry and I both agreed that it had been years since we had seen somebody that large, that quick, that nimble, and who had that sports entertainment look that you couldn’t really take your eyes off of.”

Ross’s statements ring truer than ever. Lesnar was an indisputable star with exceptional physical attributes. Lesnar attempted his hand at professional football by playing for the Minnesota Vikings when his professional wrestling career came to an end. Lesnar was released by the Vikings after one season. Lesnar made the decision to test himself after his career in football by joining the world of combat sports.

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Lesnar had gained the attention of UFC President Dana White after winning his MMA debut. Ross, Brisco, and Vince McMahon had all recognised potential in White, and White had also seen it. Lesnar has the qualifications to compete in the Octagon because to his amateur wrestling experience and incredible athleticism. Lesnar made the formal announcement that he had joined the fighting organisation at UFC 77. Lesnar’s UFC career may have only included eight bouts in the Octagon, but it was filled with memorable events. Let’s look at a few of those priceless instances.


Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture 

November 15, 2008:

By his fourth professional match, Brock Lesnar was competing against UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture for the title. He was able to resist Couture’s takedown attempts in the opening round, maintaining the conflict standing. The champion was eventually knocked out by big shots from Lesnar, who took advantage of the situation by launching a barrage of ground-and-pound attacks on Couture until the referee stopped the fight. Brock Lesnar elevated himself to an elite group in his third UFC fight by winning the title of heavyweight world champion.

Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir 2

July 11, 2009:

Lesnar lost to Mir in his UFC debut, but won his following two fights to take the heavyweight title. Lesnar had every right to defend his championship for the first time against the only opponent who had ever defeated him. Lesnar wasn’t the same fighter he was when they last faced off against Mir this time. He had gained a lot more self-assurance, patience, and confirmation that he was a force to be reckoned with.

Almost immediately, Brock defeated Mir in his second match with far greater success. For the whole of the round, Lesnar was able to keep Mir in half guard and hold him down. Lesnar understood he had little margin for error after being forced to submit by the black belt during their first encounter. The champion’s grappling versus Mir this time around showed a discernible improvement in patience. Lesnar was successful in hitting Mir in the face with powerful elbows and punches while holding the jiu-jitsu black belt down.

The same narrative was evident in round two. Lesnar knocked Mir to the ground once more after a brief flurry of knees and strikes from Mir. Lesnar took Mir down and then pressed her up against the cage while launching a barrage of blows that eventually caused the fight to end. Lesnar defended his heavyweight title in the UFC, but more significantly, he exacted revenge.

Brock Lesnar vs Heath Herring

August 9, 2008:

Brock Lesnar had a lot of promise despite losing his debut against Frank Mir, and UFC President Dana White was eager to see more. Later, there were rumours that Lesnar will fight Mark Coleman, a member of the UFC Hall of Fame, in UFC 87. Coleman had to leave the fight, though, because of his injury. Coleman was replaced by heavyweight veteran Heath Herring after winning a decision over Cheick Kongo.

Early in the first round, Lesnar connected with a powerful straight right hand that sent Herring flying across the Octagon. Lesnar attacked the native of Texas, hoping to put an immediate end to the conflict. Although Herring managed to get up, Lesnar kept him on the ground for the rest of the round. With his wrestling and grappling, Lesnar was able to keep Herring under control for the remainder of the fight. By a score of unanimous decisions, Lesnar prevailed.

Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir 1

February 2, 2008:

After deciding to try his hand at mixed martial arts after leaving the world of professional wrestling, Brock Lesnar was given a very challenging first battle against Frank Mir for his UFC debut.

Lesnar took the jiu-jitsu black belt down with a double leg takedown as soon as the action got underway. A few ground-and-pound blows were delivered by Lesnar as soon as he got Mir on his back before referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped the fight after Lesnar had struck Mir twice in the back of the head. Lesnar was reprimanded by Mazzagatti by losing a point without receiving a warning. Mazzagatti ordered both men to resume the action standing up.

Lesnar promptly responded to Mir’s leg kick with a powerful right hand once the fight resumed. As soon as Mir hit the ground, an enthusiastic Lesnar swarmed the opponent to do extra harm. Lesnar was submitted by Mir through a heel hook, ignoring the threat posed by Mir’s risky grappling technique.

Lesnar believed he was on the verge of victory despite falling short. It’s not simple to enter the Octagon and compete against a previous champion like Mir. Lesnar demonstrated his willingness to fight anyone that evening. In many ways, Lesnar’s early career may have benefited from the defeat to Mir. It increased his motivation to demonstrate that he had what it required to win the heavyweight title in the UFC.

Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin

July 3, 2010:

After taking a year off, Lesnar entered the Octagon to face interim champion Shane Carwin in his second title defence as the UFC heavyweight champion. Carwin was unbeaten and had won all 12 of his matches via knockout or submission, making him Lesnar’s hardest opponent to date.

Carwin had considerable success with his striking in the opening round. Carwin knocked Lesnar back with an uppercut, forcing him to eventually fall to the ground.As Carwin pounded him with punches and elbows, Lesnar hid. The Minnesota fighter’s tenacity was on full display that evening as he managed to survive Carwin’s assault.

 Lesnar promptly knocked Carwin to the ground in the second round after realising that Carwin might have worn himself out trying to end the contest. Lesnar was able to set up and obtain an arm-triangle choke by taking his time in the half guard position. Carwin was compelled to submit as Lesnar applied more pressure. Lesnar had great heart and showed that he was a battling champion while being humble in his triumph.


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